Upgrading Vhutshilo

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The original drafting of Vhutshilo 1 and 2 took place over a relatively short time. The two curricula were conceived, written, illustrated and field tested within a year. They were then implemented at sites across South Africa.

Shortly after implementation, the HSRC was commissioned to research both curricula. While the findings for both were very positive, it was felt that Vhutshilo 1 illustrations were not resonating with the target youth.

With USAID funding and working closely with FHI360, HETTAS has re-worked Vhutshilo 1 and 2 to make it:
  • More age appropriate.
  • Aligned with current Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) information.
  • Address the objectives of the DREAMS intervention— especially to deal with negotiation skills and transactional sex.

This contract also allowed HETTAS to develop
Vhutshilo 3 for youth living with HIV.

Bringing colour to Vhutshilo

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Illustrations and scenarios encourage
participants to think and talk with each other: Vhutshilo 1 and 2 follows a cast of characters and a story line that is sustained throughout the sessions, using illustrations with a trendy cartoon flavour while those in Vhutshilo 1 are realistic in design.

All illustrations have been re-worked to ensure a consistency in style so that the characters of Vhutshilo 1 and continued and expanded in both Vhutshilo 2 and 3.