The HETTAS recipe

HETTAS’ experience in prevention education offers a range of strategic responses to help partners develop and improve prevention programmes in a variety of settings and using a participatory approach with partners. This proposal follows the same basic recipe that HETTAS uses when operating in the field—especially so when adopting a cascade model.


Situation (baseline) Analysis

Training and Technical Assistance

Materials Development

Monitoring and Evaluation

Advocating for and providing an overview of approaches through examining current practices and addressing successes and challenges of programmes with decision-makers, administrators, and leadership with designated CBOs. In order to achieve the reach that we envisage, advocacy will be supplemented by ongoing communication strategies targeted at specific sites.
Meetings and workshops to assess challenges, opportunities, and develop practical solutions for effective training and site implementation.
Structured and dedicated training for each curriculum, adapted training and workshops for adult supervisors, master trainers, leadership and youth facilitators. Technical assistance in areas of challenge (SRH, grief, skills).
Adaptation and development of curricula, curricula support materials, supplementary/complementary training materials, tools and tailoring existing materials for site-specific needs and use in implementation.
Training and workshops, support and development of generic and specific tools supporting a M&E system and improved reporting of activities and outputs that are applicable to counting reach. Focused more in-depth secondary analysis of data and quality information gathered over the time of the project. Process evaluation to contribute to evidence based review of the intervention.