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HETTAS (Health and Education Training and technical assistance Services) is a registered Section 21 NGO and is entrusted with providing prevention education to a range of partners throughout South Africa.

HETTAS has developed a broad rage of programmes and interventions to assist communities throughout Southern Africa. Its flagship programmes are the Vhutshilo series and HETTAS provides training on these curricula to those partners who wish to implement it.

HETTAS works with a range of different partners and donors to provide comprehensive prevention interventions across Southern Africa.

Vhutshilo 1 serves 10 – 13 year olds and is facilitated by trained facilitators; Vhutshilo 2 serves 14 – 18 year olds and is facilitated by older trained facilitators. Vhutshilo 3 is meant for 14-18 year old youth living with HIV. The programmes consist of 15 or 16 sessions, each 60-75 minutes in duration, with sequential learning objectives and participatory methods specifically developed for youth delivery in after-school or drop-in centre settings.


Please read our Disclaimer for information on the usage of the Vhutshilo curricula


Health & Education Training and Technical Assistance Services

Phone: +27 11 656 2840
Fax: +27 86 651 3698
Reg. No. 2007/004871/08
NPO registration 064-955